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Recurring Crypto Users


Impressions a day

Why advertise
on Bitcoin kiosks?

Reach new audiences

Advertising your products and services on Bitcoin ATMs reaches new audiences that are tech savvy and willing to experiment being open to new ideas. Whether it's a young technologist, a conversative investor, a family sending remittance overseas or students experimenting with cryptocurrencies... Your product and service will be right in front of them.

Inexpensive yet powerful

With ByteFederal ATM's online advertisement platform you can get started broadcasting your message to people that matter to you in a very simple and cost-effective way. Signup, login and set a basic monthly budget. Our ad engine will cycle your advertisement through a selection of machines/regions of your choice and report detailed results.

Easy to get started, yet flexible

Getting started with ByteFederal's advertisement platform is simple, but there is no limit to how far you can go. From screensaver space that promotes your service and products 24/7 to any passer-by across the busy locations all around the country, to banner ads during the checkout process, to remote distributed product purchases right from our ATM dashboard - your level of engagement can go from retail ad to remote checkout system.

Fair & Simple Pricing


$0.10 / a day

  • 24 Slots available
  • Select location/region
  • Pricing per demand
  • Detailed Stats

Embedded Ads

$0.50 / a day

  • SMS/Email Feedback
  • Interactive
  • Dashboard banner
  • Detailed Stats

Product Marketplace

$0.99 / day

  • Product Marketplace
  • Use kiosk for remote checkout
  • API upon request
  • Detailed Stats